In The News


•Honored to be featured in this article in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology.

•The Atlanta Chapter of Sisters-in-Crime, hosted by the wonderful writer (and interviewer extraordinaire) Fran Stewart, posted a one hour video interview (May, 2018) with me on their website. HBO, are you listening?

•Pleased to be interviewed by the Boston Herald on July 18, 2018:

•February 23, 2018: I’m interviewed in two articles about the Parkland school mass shooting. The Washington Post and
NBC news on-line.

•My short but pithy interview with Michelle Griego on Bay Area Focus.

•Listen to my podcast from the Berkeley Book Fest.

•Mystery Writers of America: Nor Cal New, July 2017. Interviewed by Camille Minichino. Camille , author of multiple mystery series, asks me some questions I’ve never been asked before.

•The Big Thrill: Magazine of the International Thriller Writers June 30, 2017. Interviewed by Wendy Tyson.  Wendy  is also a therapist and a mystery writer. That’s why her interview with me is so on target.

•HealthlineLas Vegas First Responders Face Risk of PTSD After Mass Shooting  (October 10, 2017)

•My interview on the Ed Tyll Show from October 3, 2017:

Noir at the Bar, October 14, 2017: I interview my protagonist, Dot Meyerhoff: I really don’t have that many chins.