Dot Meyerhoff Mysteries



“Dot Meyerhoff [is] a hero the world needs: smart, big-hearted, and complex.”
—Author Jess Lourey
“Ellen Kirschman [is] a novelist of exceptional storytelling talent.”
—Midwest Book Review
“The vulnerable Dr. Dot is the most interesting heroine to come along in a long time.”
—Author Camille Minichino
“Ellen Kirschman’s been-there done-that experience makes this a real standout.”
—Author Hank Phillippi Ryan
“This fiction is so gutsy and emotionally anchored in real life…”
—Author Hallie Ephron
“Ellen Kirschman [has a] genuine flair for originality and mastery of the genre.”
Midwest Book Review

Meet Ellen

Some people call me the cop doc because like my protagonist, Dot Meyerhoff, I specialize in treating first responders who are suffering from work-related stress. Dot, named after my mother and maternal grandmother, and I share some traits, but we’re way different. We’re both dedicated, maybe too dedicated to our clients. But I try harder than she does to balance my work life with my personal life.

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