Police, Protests, and the Pandemic

Is this the right time to talk to cops about optimism? I recently attended a virtual meeting of Division 18 of the American Psychological Association titled "Current Issues in Police and Public Safety Psychology." There was a range of presentations, all grounded in...

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Police, Protests, and the Killing of George Floyd

A police psychologist's 9 ideas for change in these turbulent times. This has been a tough week for me personally. I’ve been fielding calls from friends, relatives, and news outlets. They want to know if I can explain police behavior. They point to the egregious,...

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Social Distancing? Not If You’re a Cop: Part 2

I have been a student of Buddhism for more than a decade. It’s been personally useful and has influenced the way I practice psychology. Just this morning, I was reading from The Issue at Hand, Essays on Buddhist Mindfulness Practice by my teacher, Gil Fronsdal. The...

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Social Distancing? Not If You’re a Cop

13 tips to help you and your family through this pandemic. As a police psychologist, I am used to responding to crises and offering my help to first responders and families when they need it. It feels bad to be told to stay home, shelter-in-place and even worse to be...

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When Cops Kill: A Memo to Cops and Their Families

The aftermath is not what you may think or see on TV. After 30-plus years as a police and public safety psychologist, I remain convinced that policing is one of the most stressful and complex occupations in the world. What other job requires you to be combat-ready at...

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Defeat Stigma: A New Year’s Resolution for First Responders

How annual mental health check-ups can help first responders cope with the job. I just read this quote from a firefighter: “I wish my head could forget what my eyes have seen.” I don’t know the man, but if I did, here’s what I’d say. “Sorry, friend, it just doesn’t...

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