8 Ways Cops (or Anyone Else) Can Be Good Therapy Clients

A client will get more out of therapy if they are an active participant in their own treatment.Therapy takes time and patience. It doesn't have to take forever, but, depending on one's issues, it is often not a quick fix.One's goals for therapy may change in...

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The Chauvin Verdict and the Future of Policing in America

There is a lot wrong with policing because there is a lot wrong with society.For communities of color, the Chauvin verdict is one winning skirmish in a centuries-old war that shows no signs of slowing.There will be no one-size-fits-all solution but several key changes...

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Cops and Shrinks: When to Go to Therapy and Why

Therapy won't make you perfect, but it will help you live a wiser, happier life. In my last post, I wrote that fear about confidentiality is high on the list of reasons cops don’t reach out for help. But there are other reasons like stigma, shame, or the distorted...

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Cops & Shrinks: Can You Trust Your Therapist?

What you need to know about confidentiality: when you have it, when you don't. I’ve been blogging about police and first responders with Psychology Today for a couple of years. My most popular post was about cops and PTSD. On the first day of 2021, I saw a comment on...

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Goodbye 2020: Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Butt

Why do we ask cops to stay on the job for decades when many are done in one? 2020 had such a nice sound, so round it rolled right off the tongue. What a metaphor of hope, twenty-twenty vision, the ability to see perfectly without wearing glasses. So much for happy...

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Stinking Thinking: How Our Thoughts Determine How We Feel

In police work, thinking the worst can make the job safer and your life harder. “My mind's got a mind of its own It takes me out a-walkin' when I'd rather stay at home Takes me out to parties when I'd rather be alone My mind's got a mind of its own." Music and lyrics...

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