Interviewed about PTSD for KTVU news following the tragic suicide of a local officer. Police officers are two to three times more likely to kill themselves than they are to be killed in the line of duty. This is an unacceptable statistic, considering officers are thoroughly screened for their jobs.
1 Universe Podcast
In October I was interviewed by Sandeep Prednekar on his podcast 1 Universe. This podcast promotes positivity through love, peace, and harmony.
National Civil Rights Museum
I was honored to be part of a panel at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Third in the series titled “The Reckoning, The Resolve, The Restoration and the Resilience,” the conversation is about the need for collective healing among victims of police brutality, law enforcement, and the communities they serve as well as community-led, trauma-informed alternatives that reduce police violence.

Online presentation about Cops & PTSD to Sisters-in-Crime NorCal. (March, 2023)
Password is: v670LSs%


My interview with Brian Tuskan who founded the non-profit organization Cop to Corporate covers a lot of issues from family life to leaving the job before retirement. (December, 2022)

As a big fan of public television, I was delighted to be interviewed by PBS San Diego about sexual harassment in law law enforcement.
“Records reveal sexual harassment in San Diego Sheriff’s Department” (November 17)
“Five years after #MeToo, sexism persists in local law enforcement” (November 18)

I had a lot of fun being interviewed by book blogger and TV host Lloyd Russell on his podcast, Lit With Lloyd. (April, 2022)

NWP Presents Ellen Kirschman reading from Welcome to the Sisterhood. (March, 2022)

Lt. Jeremy Colhouer of the Pasco County Sheriff’s department interviews me about police work, the challenges to law enforcement families, and what to do about it.


I made this video with Criminal Justice Solutions in Hawaii. The topic is Women in Law Enforcement. All the panelists are terrific. My talk—ways for women NOT to fit in with men in policing—starts at 17 min. 18 sec. (March, 2021)

Carol Leveroni of California Peace Officers Association and I talk about self-care for cops and their families. Under usual circumstances, policing is already fraught with potential traumas and a culture that influences relationships. But with the pandemic, quarantining, health concerns, civil unrest, and increased scrutiny building and maintaining strong families has been even more challenging. (February, 2021)


Behind the Badge is a terrific Washington State based organization supporting police families. I was pleased to be a guest on their “Flashlight” series of short informational videos covering a wide range of topics. (October, 2020)

Honor Wellness Center is a Connecticut based organization providing client-centered, culturally competent, holistic individual and group treatment to veterans and first responders—police, fire, corrections, dispatchers and EMS personnel. They had lots of great questions starting with What are three things a new law enforcement family /couple should know as their loved one is entering the profession?  (October, 2020)

A TV interview with Joe Khalil of ABC talking about police trauma. (July, 2020)


Fox News Rundown discussion with retired NYPD detective Thomas Ruskin on police officer suicides. (August, 2019)

Honored to be featured in this article in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology. (September 2019)


The Atlanta Chapter of Sisters-in-Crime, hosted by the wonderful writer (and interviewer extraordinaire) Fran Stewart, posted a one hour video interview with me on their website. HBO, are you listening? (May, 2018)

Pleased to be interviewed by the Boston Herald. (July, 2018)

I’m interviewed in two articles about the Parkland school mass shooting. The Washington Post and NBC news on-line. (February, 2018)


My short but pithy interview with Michelle Griego on Bay Area Focus. (August, 2017)

Mystery Writers of America: Nor Cal New: Interviewed by Camille Minichino. Camille , author of multiple mystery series, asks me some questions I’ve never been asked before. (July, 2017)

The Big Thrill: Magazine of the International Thriller Writers: Interviewed by Wendy Tyson. Wendy is also a therapist and a mystery writer. That’s why her interview with me is so on target. (June, 2017)

My interview on the Ed Tyll Show. (October, 2017)

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