I’m back talking with retired fire fighter Christy Warren in a wide ranging discussion about fire fighting, trauma, and writing books, hers and mine. (July, 2021)

I discussed some key differences between various types of responders like police, firefighters, and EMS providers with Sam Bradley and her colleagues at Disaster Podcast. (June, 2021)

I had a great time talking with Ann Dark, Tracey Stormy and Kathy Night. They host a podcast and newsletter for mystery lovers. (July, 2020)
Nick Ruggiero’s passion for mental wellness comes from his own experience as a cop. Listen in as we talk about everything from self-care to betrayal. (June, 2020)
Cops are natural story tellers. Talking with Jim Dudley of Police One about writing and publishing. If you have a story to tell, listen in for some good advice. (June, 2020)
Policing may never have been more stressful for officer than right now. Jim Dudley of Police One and I talk about ways for cops to safeguard their mental wellness. (June, 2020)
Retired fire fighter Christy Warren has been through it all. We talk about her “adventures” with PTSD and what first responders can do to protect their mental health. (May, 2020)
Forensic psychologist, Dr. Joni Johnston, host of the podcast Thread of Evidence, and I take a deep dive into the good and bad ways cops cope with their jobs. (May, 2020)
Kristin Sunanta Walker of Mental Health News Radio asks me a lot of tough questions about my work with police. (May, 2020)
Author Barbara Hodges, host of Books and Entertainment Radio’s No Limits, talks to me about my Dr. Dot Meyerhoff mysteries. We’re joined by a children’s book illustrator. (May, 2020)
Police Officer suicides are up. That’s according to multiple advocacy groups who are urging departments across the country to address this growing problem. (August, 2019)
Blogger Laura Brennan and I talk about my second mystery, The Right Wrong Thing, and how my work as a police psychologist inspires my fiction. (November, 2016)

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