My workshops can be customized to meet your audience, your time restraints and your budget.

Self-care for cops, fire fighters and their families: Think it’s hard being a first responder? Try being married to one. This workshop offers practical suggestions for building resilience and implementing psychological self-care for yourself and your family.

Behind the Badge: Strengthening Your Law Enforcement Family: I teach this interactive workshop for couples with my colleague Dr. Joel Fay, psychologist and retired police officer. Filled with humor and stories, we look at how trauma and the culture of law enforcement influence relationships, and what goes into building and maintaining strong families. Whether your relationship is in good shape, shaky or on the brink, you’ll go home with new directions and deeper understanding.

Counseling Cops: A workshop for chaplains, peer supporters and clinicians. Police officers are reluctant to ask for help because they believe it means they are weak. Becoming culturally competent to counsel cops requires a deep understanding of not just the individual, but the culture in which they work. This workshop addresses the steps needed to build trust, rapport and a strong therapeutic alliance.

PTSD for Writers: Do your characters have bonafide PTSD? What does it look like? How do they act? Why are some people vulnerable and others are not? This workshop delves into rarely talked about psychological and cultural influences that will help you build layered characters and avoid stereotypes.

“Thanks again for your contribution—you were hilarious!”

—Author Penny Warner

Moderator, Alta Mira Mystery Tea

“I want to thank you for your graciousness and generosity. I am beyond grateful for your kind heart, sense of humor and wisdom that has carried me for two decades as a therapist and a spouse of a first responder.”

—Kimberly Williamson

Founder, First Responder Family Wellness Center

“Ellen is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever listened too, and I can’t wait to read her books.”

—A lunch and learn participant

Speaking and Teaching

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