Dot Meyerhoff Mysteries

“Ellen Kirschman’s front row criminal justice insight is woven throughout the mystery, and in Dot Meyerhoff, she’s created a hero the world needs: smart, big-hearted, and complex.”
—Jess Lourey, Edgar®-nominated author

Burying Ben

Book One

As her police department’s newest hire, police psychologist Dot Meyerhoff has a lot to prove. Especially since everyone on a small-town force doesn’t see any reason for a shrink on staff. So when the rookie cop commits suicide, everyone’s looking to blame Dot—even Dot herself. Dot knew Ben Gomez was struggling to adjust to police work, but how had she missed the signs that he was at the end of his rope?

Now, with Ben’s and her reputation on the line, Dot goes looking for answers. What she discovers is the dark underbelly of a town—and a police force—who have very little patience with a woman who asks too many questions. Dot is determined to get to the truth behind the young officer’s death—even at the risk of losing her job. Or her life….

The Right Wrong Thing

Book Two

Officer Randy Spelling has always wanted to be a cop. The eager rookie comes from a law enforcement family and, at least as far as police department psychologist Dr. Dot Meyerhoff is concerned, the young woman is up to the challenge. But when Officer Spelling mistakenly shoots and kills a pregnant teen, the community is outraged, and the family of the victim demands justice. Feeling protective of the traumatized cop in her care, Dot tries to stop Officer Spelling from her desperate attempts to apologize to the girl’s family. But Dot’s efforts fail, with catastrophic results. Now Dot is taking this into her own hands, despite the police chief demanding that she back off. For Dot, this case feels all too personal for her to walk away, even if it means being in the line of danger herself.

The Fifth Reflection

Book Three

Dot Meyerhoff is called to help with an abducted child case that is destroying the investigating officer’s own family.

Dr. Dot Meyerhoff is known for putting her personal life aside in the name of duty. But when she’s brought in on a kidnapping case, she finds herself drawn into a harrowing crime that cuts deep. A toddler is missing. Her mother is a noted local photographer whose work contains photography of nude children. She’s also a family friend. Dot is worried that the cop assigned to the case isn’t up to the job. She’s going to take this one on herself, come hell or high water. The stakes are too high for the missing toddler, her distraught family, and for Dot, who is ready to risk everything including her relationship with the best man she’s ever met.

The Answer To His Prayers

Book Four

Dot’s sleuthing after a tragic fire leads her to a former client–turned–criminal mastermind. When a trailer park fire takes the life of a lonely, wheelchair-bound man, police psychologist Dr. Dot Meyerhoff is doing double duty counseling the first responders involved, especially the traumatized dispatcher. But talking with the distraught young 9-1-1 operator about the dying man’s last words leads Dot to wonder if there’s more to this fire than meets the eye. Soon the department is looking for an arsonist and Dot is doing some investigating on her own. But when she discovers a former patient is orchestrating crimes from behind bars, Dot is suddenly in over her head. Not that a challenge has ever stopped her before. Only this time, she may put her own mental health—and her mother’s life—on the line….

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