How Do You Live With Yourself When You’ll Never Be Perfect?

Can we agree on one thing? Perfection, however much we crave it, is impossible to achieve. I’d like my surgeon to be perfect; ditto for the pilot on my plane. What constitutes perfect or even good is open to opinion and the subject of a zillion lawsuits. Especially if...

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Treating Traumatic Stress in First Responders

First responders see things that no one should have to see, do things that no one should have to do, and go places no one should have to go. They console the inconsolable, encounter the unthinkable, and are exposed to some of the cruelest, most tragic moments life has...

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Leaving the Job: How Cops Can Transition to a New Career

30 years of police work is not for everyone. Here's how to make a graceful exit. Asking police officers to stay on the job for 20 to 30 years may be a mistake, costly to the officer, the agency and the community. Transitioning out of police work into the civilian...

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17 Tips to Help Prevent Police Suicide

Police officers are twice as likely to kill themselves as to be killed in the line of duty. To prevent someone from killing themselves, don't mince words. Two crucial ways to intervene with a suicidal officer are to separate them from their weapons and to buy time. If...

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Is New Federal Law Encouraging Cops to Commit Suicide?

On August 16th, President Biden signed two bills into law, the “Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Law Enforcement Training Act” (H.R. 2992) and the “Public Safety Officer Support Act of 2022” (H.R. 6943). There is much to be appreciated...

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