Short Stories

Invasive Species

Sixteen Stories by Northern California Crime Writers

My story is titled: “The Untold Upside of an Infestation of Termites”

This anthology of stories from members of the Northern California chapter of Sisters in Crime takes on the issue of Invasive Species, those species of plants or animals that are not native to the Northern California area. The sixteen stories will delight and entertain you with tales of crime and mishap from the past to the present.

Shattering Glass

Published by Nasty Woman Press

Winner of the Anthony Award!

Shattering Glass is the first in a series of remarkable anthologies published by a most unique publisher: Nasty Woman Press, a non-profit, 501(c)(4) founded to help fund other non-profits threatened by the rise of autocracy and the ongoing war against civil and human rights. A scintillating mixture of top-flight fiction from bestselling authors in multiple genres, fascinating articles and thought-provoking essays, conversations and interviews, Shattering Glass takes as its broad theme the empowerment of women, with all profits from the book donated to Planned Parenthood.

My story, “Welcome to the Sisterhood,” was awarded first place for a short story by the Public Safety Writers Association.

“In this story, which could just as well be a true-crime account, Edwina is a woman born into a life that wasn’t hers, doing everything she can to survive. But when even her best efforts are not enough to keep her safe, she sets out to get revenge—and in the process finds a new family. This is a story with so many layers that readers will find themselves returning to it over and over.”
—BOLO Books Review

Jewish Noir II

Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds

Now available from PM Press

Jewish Noir II is unique collection of twenty-three all-new stories (and one reprint) by Jewish and non-Jewish literary and genre writers, including numerous award-winning authors such as Gabriela Alemán, Doug Allyn, Rita Lakin, Rabbi Ilene Schneider, E.J. Wagner, and Kenneth Wishnia, with a foreword by MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block. The stories explore such issues as the perpetual challenge of confronting resurgent anti-Semitism in the US, the enduring legacy of regional warfare in the land of Israel since biblical times, how the “entitled” behavior of certain ultra-Orthodox communities can fuel anti-Semitic attitudes, Jewish support of the civil rights movement, greedy Jewish businessmen who reinforce negative ethnic stereotypes, the excesses of “golden ghetto” American Jews, the appeal of “tough” Israeli-Jewish soldiers and mercenaries, how real estate fortunes are made, and the consequences of political corruption that feed into an exploitive system, how obsession can lead “good” people to do “bad” things. The stories in this collection include many “teachable moments” about the history of prejudice, and the contradictions of ethnic identity and assimilation into American society.

My story is titled “The Almost Sisters.”

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