When It Comes to Dying, Cops May Be Their Own Worst Enemies

The headlines are horrifying. Nine New York City police officers have committed suicide since the start of the year. Chicago PD lost six officers to suicide in an eight-month period. According to Blue H.E.L.P., a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping officers...

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Work-Life Balance: Myth or Reality for First Responders?

Picture this: My husband, Steve and I, along with several friends are in the Sierra mountains, sitting around a campfire telling stories. (There may have been a little beer involved). As they have every other backpacking trip, the group asked Steve, who is originally...

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Dead in the Line of Duty: What Comes Next for the Families?

National Police Week begins May 6, 2019. Thousands of law enforcement officers and families from around the world will converge on Washington, DC to honor those who have died in the line of duty and to care for their survivors. I’ve never been to Police Week, even...

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Love: What it is, what it isn’t, what it could be

Valentine’s Day is coming. The stores are festooned in red hearts. Every possible retail commodity, from jewelry to automobile tires, has been formatted as a romantic gift guaranteed to please that someone special. I’ve been interested in love for a long time. I've...

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